Carnaval 2004 in Aruba
The BIG 50 Parade — Page 1

Fifty Years Of Carnaval in Aruba was the Biggest!
It started at 10:00 a.m. and finished after dark.

Carnaval Dancers wore beautiful costumes, carefully
designed and made to reflect the special celebration.

With careful attention to every detail, we can honestly
say that this is the most luxurious parade ever seen.

Even the long hours in the sun, didn't damper their spirits.

Aruba's Carnaval saluting the FECC Carnaval Commitee
in Europe, with this beautiful roadpiece.

Now everybody knows why Aruba's Carnaval is the
second Biggest in the World by far.

Every setup imaginable was conceived for the 50 Years
of Carnaval in Aruba. It was well worth every penny.

Colors blended perfectly with every creation of fantasy.

This big smile means that Aruba really know how to
celebrate Half a Century of Carnaval.

Only a select quantity of pictures will be available here.

More BIG 50 Parade Pictures....

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