Carnaval 2004 in Aruba
Lighting Parade — Page 1

The biggest Lighting Parade ever,
organized by Aruba Tivoli Club.

This well respected Club is credited
for the introduction of Lighting Parade.

Of course, the beautiful Indira with a
friend, on our first page of this Parade.

The always friendly Indrah, here posing
with friend Damaris.

Some people came all the way from
Holland to participate in this Parade.

A nice float with Simon Bolivar as the
main character, received a lot of applause.

The "Los Laga Bai" group had a
ball the entire parade route.

They dedicated a lot of attention to
every detail on their costume.

This float was really impressive with
thousands of small lights.

Rodi and wife, enjoying themselves
during the fabulous parade.


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