Carnaval 2004 in Aruba
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• • • TORCH PARADE • • •

The 2004 Carnaval Season started with a big Flaming
Torch Parade through downtown Oranjestad.
Our Family & Friends were there as Bozo the Clown..

People joined the parade in simple costumes,
but the party atmosphere was overwhelming.

The parade was full of beautiful people, like
these folks from the "Don Flip Racing" group.

The music was fantastic the entire night for
the participants at the Parade.

People came from all corners of the island to
participate, like these from "Dream Team".

The "Carnaval Champagne" group was
again filled with beautiful people and costumes.

These are from the "Graficas Aruba" group
dancing on the streets during the night.

Even though it was night, you could still
work up a sweat with the non-stop dancing.

The participants from the Champagne group
were really going in good mood.

The folks from "Paradera in Motion" group
had a great start in this Parade.

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