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Carnaval 2005 in Aruba
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A really nice close-up of an Aruban girl.

It seems that everybody was smiling
during the big and luxurious Grand Parade.

The Big Carnaval Parade lasts about 4 hours
in front of the audience.

In the hot sun, you need an ice cold drink
to keep you moving.

You rarely get tired of dancing in the streets
of Aruba in the Caribbean.

The hot Caribbean rhythms will keep
you going non-stop during the Parade.

Bright green and gold bodypiece shines through
at the beginning of the Parade.

The costumes are a perfect blend of
creativity and imagination.

Carnaval also means, to have fun from
beginning until the end of the Parade.

The music will synchronize every participant
in a perfect "dance move".

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