Carnaval 2006 in Aruba
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Carnival 2006 started with events particularly
aimed at the beautiful children.

You can see  that Carnival here starts from a
very young age.

But whenever the adults take charge, this party
gets more beautiful and colorful.

Even though it was nighttime, the costumes
were really hot.

Gigantic Dollar Bills were posted on this small
float during a parade of lights.

Here she is again, miss Trimon showing off her
beautiful costume, while dancing in the streets.

The sun was not present, but rays of sunshine
were radiating from this costume.

Anybody with jungle fever out there.  People were
dancing non-stop during this 4 hour long parade.

Our friend Jasmin decided to stop with dancing,
just to take a sip of her soda.

The total attention to every detail is what comes
to mind when watching her costume.

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