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The beautiful Rosalinda kissing her favorite Sparkling
Liqueur bottle, "Nuvo".

My favorite picture of me and Jaritza...

Together with Francie and Svenja at a Hard Rock Cafe
Aruba event.

Nilton here with my best friend Neila.

Great friends Lilian and Mariela here at a Wine Party.

Having a Frappuccino with friend Tania.

Nilton here with Priscilla Lee, Miss Aruba 2009.

Nice picture of friend Jacqueline at a Christmas Display.

Nice picture of my dear friend Svenja.

Friend Shohaira da Silva in a sexy bunny costume.

Nilton with friend Melody.

My friends Shuliska and Edilliane

Picture taken during Miss Teen.

Kendra Matthew as Miss Teen 2001

Tania with newborn Jake-Tyler

Miss Aruba 2000, Denise Balinge
(with red-dress)

Nilton with Miss Universe Aruba 2000,
Denise Balinge.

Tamara Scaroni and Denise Balinge.

Deyanira Frank as Miss Aruba 2001.

More Pictures....

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