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Ok, the three biggest fans of singer Marisela here
poses with her during her latest single launch.

Karla and Jane here waiting at a traffic light.

Friend Marysol is now more beautiful than ever.

Our friend Janette is a chocolate lover.

Our friend Papito with wife Zugheila,
and Sherry with a big smile.

Our friend Albert saying "no" to food
during an "End of the Year" Party.

Miss Teen Panamericana Abigail
with cousin Dodi (Miss Ambar).

During a fabulous "all you can drink"
party at Koko Beach in San Nicolas.

At opening of "Cas di Niki Party Saloon".

An Arubian beauty that really knows
how to dress to impress.
(click for bigger picture)

Deyanira Frank, Miss Aruba 2001
here with Nilton at the Coronation Ball.

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