My Friends Pictures
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This is my cousin Jake, a very alert boy, always playing
and laughing with me.

And this is cousin Aidan, who I adore very much,
and he seems happy whenever I am around.

Here you see my cousin Karlson, who is also very
playful and with a lot of energy

Look, I am strong already.  Just watch me hold
Jake in my arms.

This is Axel, and he likes to play with me non-stop
and have fun everytime we meet

Watch me here, getting the attention of Jake,
while sitting in a nice restaurant.

Friend Ian here doing what he likes best, swimming
in his own backyard pool.

Aunt Jelen here holds Aidan while waiting for the
results of a Prince Competition for Babies.

Axel here watching the scenery from his mother's arms,
wants to go swimming in the pool.

Mitchell here posing for a picture with some of
his school friends.

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