Mitchell in School

Schooldays Pictures Page 1

This is the first day of my Pre-School years.

Walking fearless up the steps to enter the
"Scol Preparatorio Washington"

Sitting here on the floor on the first day, being
entertained by a clown.

While other kids were crying for their moms,
I was looking around and watching everything.

OK, finally the clown is saying goodbye or sayonara.

The fun part of school is the making of all kinds
of projects at home.  What about this?

What about this beautiful project, made specially
for Valentine's Day.  All made of styrofoam.

The parents get to check out the marvelous
projects too, and they were full of love.

Oh, yes!  There is the Carnaval Celebration
at school too!  How's my Scooby-Doo outfit?

Posing for a picture together with my teacher,
Miss Lilian, and the rest of the gang in class.

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