My Vacation Pictures
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Cities Visited by Mitchell:

New York (New York), Dublin (Ireland), Rome (Italy),
Barcelona (Spain), Palma de Mallorca (Spain),
Malaga (Spain), Madeira (Portugal),
St. Maarten (Dutch Antilles), Miami (Florida),
Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Orlando (Florida).

Yes, I am here only 3 years old, and this picture
was taken while we were crossing the Atlantic Ocean
on a 17-day Cruise Vacation from Europe.

And here I am, taking command of this ship.
Hello passengers, all aboard!!!

I am the one who spotted these balls, at the
ESPN Zone in New York City

With my mom Shuliska, here posing in the middle
of Mainstreet USA in Walt Disney World.

Here I am, sitting besides Minnie-Mouse and
Walt Disney himself, and smiling for a picture

The best thing at Walt Disney World is that
I got the chance to drive a real race-car!

I think that this tree represents the image
of Mickey Mouse, or am I wrong?

Here with grandpa Ricardo and grandma Glenda
sitting in the back patio of Minnie's House.

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