Miss Teen Aruba Int'l 2014 Uploaded

Posted on 13 July 2014 by Nilton   |   Filed under Miss Teen 2014, Comments Disabled

A total of 12 beautiful young ladies competed in this awesome beautiful pageant on the island of Aruba in front of a sell-out crowd. It was a 3 hour event, with singing and dancing and a joyous crowd cheering for all the candidates.

This year, the stage decor, the dresses, and the smiles were a sure sign that this is becoming one of the most important pageants for young people, and a huge success for the organizers of GLW Foundation.

The Beauty Queens Are Here For You

Posted on 19 Jan 2013 by Nilton   |   Filed under Queens Comments Disabled

One of the most exciting events during the Carnaval season, is the different Queen pageant being held accross the island. Here we see a selection of the 2013 beauty queens competing for the crown.

The big Carnaval groups on the island, will go in an all-out battle to support, cheer, and hope for the best that their Queen will win. The big prize? The winning Queen can bring her group to the Start of the big Parade.

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